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Owning a business in Indiana is often very rewarding. Being in charge of things means you get to steer your operation the way you see fit. That means, of course, that you have many responsibilities as an employer that you do not have as an employee. Many of the decisions you make can involve complex contracts and transactions that are beyond your level of expertise — issues that are best handled by an experienced Evansville business and commercial lawyer.

We, at the law firm of Stone & Stratman, LLP, bring a unique combination of attributes to the table when it comes to business law. Each of us served as attorneys for larger law firms before we joined forces to form our three-attorney firm. Our background means that we are well-versed in many aspects of business law, while our small firm allows us to focus on our clients in a way that larger firms cannot.

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We are adept in dealing with such issues as:

Your business doesn't have to be huge in order to benefit from our services. Businesses of all sizes often need legal advice so that they can expand and prosper. Contact our firm today to learn more about what we can do to help your business. Call us toll free at 800-667-9914 or complete our online contact form and submit it to us.